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Updated: Feb 19

FWE RELOAD began with an announcement that due to Gunner’s retirement, Code Name FLX was named #1 contender for the United States Championship, as he was the last FWE superstar to challenge for the title. FLX issued an open challenge for the title, which, to FLX’s surprise, was answered by his tag team partner, Gem Stone. Gem came to the ring and stated that he was tired of being in FLX’s shadow, that he should have been the #1 contender, and hit a low blow on FLX. It was announced that FLX vs. Gem will be held later in the evening to determine the new FWE US Champion.

Glamour Boy Khan def. Xander Keys, Hunter Raynor, and Channing Melton.

“Psycho Love” (Fodder and 7x Impact Knockouts Champion, Angelina Love) def. “The One” Brad Attitude and “Supermodel” Amy Love in an inter-gender tag team match.

Code Name FLX aka MATTHEW ENNIS def. Gem Stone to win the FWE United States Championship.

FWE Womens’ Champion, Clara, came to the ring, and stated that she liked what she saw in the previous match, and also wanted to issue an open challenge, since know match had been announced for her to defend her title. “The Stunner,” Emily Jaye, made her way to the ring, followed by “The Beauty of Chaos,” Amanda Kiss, both of them demanded the title match. After Clara repeated that she would fight anyone, any time, it was announced that the Womens’ Championship would be defended in a triple threat in the co-main event.

4x WWE tag team champions and current FWE tag team champions, La Resistance (Rene Dupree and Sylvain Grenier), def. The Wrustlers to retain the titles.

After intermission, FWE Hardcore Champion, “The Power Punch,” Vinny Pacifico came to the ring and berated hard-core wrestlers and hard-core wrestling. He stated that he is a true wrestler, and was embarrassed to be associated with it. Vinny threw the Hardcore Championship belt in the trashcan and demanded a real wrestler as his opponent. 2x TNA/IMPACT C-Division Champion, Suicide answered Pacifico’s call and defeated Pacifico.

“The Stunner,” Emily Jaye def. Amanda Kiss and Clara to become the new FWE Womens’ Champion.

Ring announcer, Steve Diamond, brought both the challenger and the champion into the ring before beginning introductions of the two men who would battle for the FWE Heavyweight Championship. After they arrived, Diamond began to introduce the challenger, professional wrestling legend, Chavo Guererro, but Mr. Kennedy forced Diamond to give him the microphone, told him he “sucks,” and made him sit in a chair and watch “how its done.” Kennedy then gave Guerrero a less than enthusiastic introduction before delivering his own in classic style. After an incredible clash between the former WWE and TNA superstars, Chavo Guerrero defeated Mr. Kennedy to win the FWE World Heavyweight Championship.


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