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The show opened with the National Anthem performance by Lawson Walker

Sylvain Grenier interrupted early on to sing the Canadian National Anthem in French as the crowd chanted USA! Gunner ran down and bent the Quebec flag pole over his knee! Lawson restarted and finished the performance.

Team NY (Brian Yohe Jr, Tyger Smith & Sebastian Braun) defeated Team NC (Flex Simmons, Gem Stone & Rip Cannon)

EC3 defeated Caprice Coleman

SWOGGLE wins the Hardcore Championship! He pinned Will Bannon. Dewey, Rob Sweet & Gringo were the other match participants.

Simply Perfect (Mike & Tommy Williams) defeated T.I.M & Movie Myk to become the Tag Team Champions. They then demanded more competition and out came Level X (Blanco Loco & Axton Ray). Simply Perfect was victorious again and remained the champions.

Battle Royal - Winner earns a future shot at the US Title.


AC Devine, Hunter Raynor, Steampunk Mizery, Brennan Bates, Damon Bryce, Khan O' Kelly, Cairo Lindsey, Mason Lock, Logan Quindell, Callis Vane, Johnny Geiger, Wacos, Pecos, J5

Diablo clears the ring of competitors. EC3 enters!

EC3 wins by eliminating Diablo with the help of Fodder!

Gunner defeats Fodder to become the United States Champion

Sylvain Grenier runs out and hits Gunner with the flag pole. He grabs the US title and leaves with it!

Rachael Ellering defeated Dream Girl Ellie to win the Women's Championship!

Carlito defeats The Masterpiece Chris Adonis after he chokes on an apple to become the First FWE Heavyweight Champion!

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